As a full service UAE law firm, we offer all types of legal services to our clients. Whether you are looking for the best advocates to represent you in UAE Courts , we are at your service.

Our lawyers will draft or review your legal documentation and contracts, provide you with reliable advice or set up your business in UAE and much more.


Legal Advice


Case Study and Analysis



Legal Translation/Documents Attestation & Legalization

Business Set-up

Debt Collection


Legal Consultation

The Office provides Legal Consultations by an elite group of advisers specialized in the legal domain. The office characterized fathiya ali Advocates and Legal Consultants that keep pace with the developments and modern techniques, in this era under the accelerated needs of everyone of us to know their rights and duties and the legal position towards something or a project submitted by him and that very quickly and very precisely.


Then has taken care that did not limit ourselves to the traditional methods of communication between the office and clients eager to take Legal Consultations on the subject of what, where it traditionally should any client has legal advice that goes to the law firm who specializes in that, but our situation is different where you can send legal consultation to our and will be a specialist advisers we have to look at it and the legal opinion by supported by the text of the law and then send it to you via e-mail or fax taking care to ensure the confidentiality of all data and information received counseling.


Company Establishment

Beginning a new project in the United Arab Emirates, or open a new branch of the company that already exist outside the UAE is something important for all investors from all over the world. The reason for this is due to that the UAE is now considered one of the most stable markets and a safer and more prosperous in the world. And requires you to create a project or open a company in the United Arab Emirates to be fully aware of all regulations and legal requirements and governmental actions necessary to complete so as not to face the problem of unintentionally hinder the start of the project effectively. And then you must be desperately seeking to find a lawyer or legal adviser professional and expert to express your smoothly through all the legal procedures required regarding the knowledge of the local culture of the UAE in general, where the shortage or the shallowness of knowledge that culture may lead to failure to achieve the purpose for which the project will be created for him. The Office of fathiya ali Advocates and Legal Consultants with the help and support of all persons or companies who wish to start their activity investment in the United Arab Emirates, whatever the nature or quality of the activity or project to be done, where the office all the measures of incorporation, including the drafting of the Memorandum of Association and the completion of registration procedures the competent authorities and to obtain all necessary licenses and approvals, and work as a legal advisor to the company and its defense in cases brought against it or them.